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I have never forgotten an extraordinary documentary I saw on television some years ago about a woman whose life was irrevocably changed when she uncovered some information about her past of which she had previously been unaware. She had been raised in a Welsh Presbytarian family and had happily lived her life within that religious […]

Last Thursday, more than a dozen of the United Kingdom’s top comedians – including Jack Dee, pictured, Jo Brand, Omid Djalili, Alexei Sayle – put their names to a letter in The Times, expressing their concern about human rights in Iran, particularly the danger being faced by the national administrative committee that has been looking […]

Giving and receiving gifts at Christmas has never been particularly important to my family, but last year, a good friend surprised me with perhaps the most unexpected present I have ever had. She adopted, in my name, a goat – called Bruce, pictured right, who now lives in blissful cud-chewing tranquillity at the Buttercups Sanctuary for […]