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It’s official: I have reached middle age. Kind of.  I say “kind of” because medical diagnoses on the internet are about as reliable as expecting a London bus to arrive on time. Yet, according to‘s Life Expectancy Calculator – which uses “the most current and carefully researched medical and scientific data” to estimate how […]

Last Tuesday night I was having dinner with some Iranian Bahá’í friends who have two very lively and talkative daughters, aged 8 and 10. At some point during the meal, my hosts and I got on to the subject of our slightly beleaguered Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. “What are you talking about?” piped up the […]

  I’ve had the Penguin Classics edition of Leo Tolstoy’s novel Anna Karenina sitting on my shelf for the past nine years since my friend Sarah gave it to me for my birthday. I had never read it, although I had always been intrigued by its tragic plot, since seeing a wonderful BBC television version […]

I’ve recently finished reading a book called The Lost. It’s the true story of a Jewish man’s search to know what happened to six members of his family in the holocaust. The author – Daniel Mendelsohn – has done a marvellous job telling this tale which reads like a memoir, a travelogue, a philosophical meditation, […]



  Children’s books, for good or for bad, move with the times and the language of now. Whatever by William Bee, published a couple of years back, is just one example. I picked it up in a bookshop a few weeks ago and read it in a couple of minutes. It simply and sparingly tells […]