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Two days after D-Day, on 2 June 1944, a young English soldier was dug into the ground for protection, just off the beaches of Normandy. Just before he fell asleep, an army comrade beside him asked him what his ambition was. The young man – an architect by profession – replied, “To build a cathedral.” […]

Last Monday, I learned something that I had not known before. I learned it – believe it or not – while visiting a shed on a remote island, almost 1000km north of London in the North Sea.  The shed belonged to an artist living on the island of Bressay, eight minutes or so across the […]

  More than 20 years ago, in one of the many classes I was then attending on film theory, I remember hearing a lecturer present his own, I presume Freudian, perspective on the psychological roots of why watching a film or looking at art is such a pleasurable phenomenon. The experience was a primal one, […]

This weekend just past, a group of us attended a residential training session on how to become better keepers of blogs. The architecture of the conference venue on the outskirts of Milton Keynes, echoed the peculiar – and somewhat soulless – boxy configuration of this completely planned 1960s’ town. It was a strangely labyrinthine building. […]