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Last Thursday, more than a dozen of the United Kingdom’s top comedians – including Jack Dee, pictured, Jo Brand, Omid Djalili, Alexei Sayle – put their names to a letter in The Times, expressing their concern about human rights in Iran, particularly the danger being faced by the national administrative committee that has been looking […]

It’s half-term week for schools in the south of England and London’s Underground was packed today with grandparents and parents roving the capital on a quest for activities to divert their children. The national Bahá’í Centre is situated close to the Natural History Museum – always a hardy perennial with those kids who for some […]

Dancing on Ice


I can honestly say I’ve never been a suffererer of paraskavedekatriaphobia. In fact I’m rarely aware of what the date is on any given day, which makes the phobia even less likely to impinge on my consciousness. Paraskavedekatriaphobia, in case you haven’t come across the word before, is the fear of Friday 13th. According to one […]

On Wednesday 14 May 2008, six members of the informal administrative committee that attended to the basic needs of Iran’s Bahá’í community, were taken from their homes in an early morning sweep ominously similar to episodes in the 1980s when scores of Iranian Bahá’ís were rounded up and killed. A seventh member of the group had […]

It’s official! “Worst snow for 18 years brings Britain slithering to a halt…” That’s according to the Daily Mail. The BBC also tells me that south-east England had the “worst snow” it has seen for 18 years, while the Telegraph trumps that by no fewer than 24 months – it’s the “worst snow in 20 […]