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  More than 20 years ago, in one of the many classes I was then attending on film theory, I remember hearing a lecturer present his own, I presume Freudian, perspective on the psychological roots of why watching a film or looking at art is such a pleasurable phenomenon. The experience was a primal one, […]

It was primarily the promising lure of a ‘substantial cash prize’ that prompted me to dial the telephone number that would lead me to being auditioned for a new television quiz show. I saw the advertisement in a national newspaper just before Christmas at a time when I was wondering how I could get my […]

Imagine for a moment that one day someone arrives at your door and tells you that you have just 15 minutes to pack one small suitcase, that you’re not only leaving your home but your country forever. What would you choose to pack into your case? What would you leave behind? This morning – along […]

I am not sure who coined the phrase that I saw for the first time at an event this morning: “Worry looks around. Sorry looks back. Faith looks up.” I’ve googled it and am none the wiser – although as you can see, it’s now available on a T-shirt. I heard this pithy little epithet […]