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There’s only one way to deal with busybodies trying to help young people become good citizens – throw them in prison. Here, comedian Inder Manocha casts a wry look at the situation of Iran’s Bahá’ís. At a time when youth crime is on the rise and images of young people wielding weapons in the name […]

“Norman Stanley Fletcher, you have pleaded guilty to the charges brought by this court, and it is now my duty to pass sentence…” As far back as the age of eight or so, I recall shrinking at the opening credits of the television comedy series Porridge, as we hear the voice of a judge sentencing […]

  I wonder if you know about whom I would be talking if I were to mention Hierocles and Philagrius. Their names, I suspect, give it away. Greeks of a certain antiquity? Correct. But what did they do? Here’s a multiple choice set of answers. Did they: a) Heroically fling down their lives in a […]

Lucky Lilian


Last week, heaven welcomed a new angel. Her name was Lilian Carpenter – Lilian, Lady Carpenter to be precise, for that was what she was – a lady and an angel. A couple of years ago when a long-standing Bahá’í – the possessor of many memories and experiences – was visiting London, I asked him […]