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Last Tuesday night I was having dinner with some Iranian Bahá’í friends who have two very lively and talkative daughters, aged 8 and 10. At some point during the meal, my hosts and I got on to the subject of our slightly beleaguered Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. “What are you talking about?” piped up the […]

You would have been as amused as I was yesterday to read the comment which I noticed in my dentist’s Visitors Book as I waited to make my next appointment at the desk. It might possibly be the only such comment of its kind – in the entire world. Next to her name and address, […]

This weekend just past, a group of us attended a residential training session on how to become better keepers of blogs. The architecture of the conference venue on the outskirts of Milton Keynes, echoed the peculiar – and somewhat soulless – boxy configuration of this completely planned 1960s’ town. It was a strangely labyrinthine building. […]

Giving and receiving gifts at Christmas has never been particularly important to my family, but last year, a good friend surprised me with perhaps the most unexpected present I have ever had. She adopted, in my name, a goat – called Bruce, pictured right, who now lives in blissful cud-chewing tranquillity at the Buttercups Sanctuary for […]

  One of the most stirring stories in the rich, but sadly sanguineous, early history of the Bahá’í faith is that of the heroism of Zaynab, a village maiden. After her sister was killed, and witnessing the suffering of her co-religionists in Zanjan, Zaynab professed to have the right to fight on behalf of her […]

I am not generally an impulsive person. When it comes to making a major decision –  such as changing job, buying a property, getting a new car – I can mull on the pros and cons for years, literally. But then there are some days when I just wake up and think, “What a nice […]

  A couple of Saturdays back I was walking with some friends, who were new to my small corner of the country, around the grounds of a local stately home. After realising we would need to cough-up a week’s worth of pocket money to get close to the castle, we decided to wander into a […]