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I am a big fan of the TV series Heroes and I am proud to announce to the world that I have developed a super-power. Regrettably I cannot fly, or make myself invisible, or turn into a shirt-bursting, raging green goliath – with nevertheless perfect dental work – at the slightest provocation.  Maybe it’s because […]

  One of the great clichés which shows you’re getting a bit long in the tooth is to tut, “Young people today” when you see a group of teenagers gathered on the street or in a shopping centre. Then you proceed to list all the things the youth of today are doing wrong, from wearing […]

  I am a little slow at embracing the latest technology.  The first time that Victoria invited me over to her place for a barbeque, I had no idea how to find my way there. I’d offered a lift to Pezhvok who was also invited and he said “Don’t worry I’ll bring my mum’s tomtom”.  […]

I’ve recently finished reading a book called The Lost. It’s the true story of a Jewish man’s search to know what happened to six members of his family in the holocaust. The author – Daniel Mendelsohn – has done a marvellous job telling this tale which reads like a memoir, a travelogue, a philosophical meditation, […]

Today is a special one for me and my Bahá’í friends.  158 years ago, in Persia, a young merchant, known as The Báb – meaning “the Gate” in Arabic – was publicly executed by a firing squad in front of thousands of people. Like Jesus, eighteen centuries before, the Báb’s only crime was to inspire […]

  Back in February, I needed to get to Israel and thought I’d try a new early-morning flight on a budget airline – you know the kind of plane where there’s about enough leg-room for a stork, and where you have to pay extra for the dubious pleasure of eating a rather rubbery sandwich.  Well, […]

I often wonder about the fallibility of our personal perceptions of things – since as ‘Abdu’l-Bahá once observed, all human “criteria or avenues of knowledge” are “faulty and unreliable”.  The question of ‘How do we know reality?’ and the nature of truth is a very stimulating one that has no doubt vexed minds ever since […]